What aerial photography is available through the service?

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Q What aerial photography is available through the service?
A There is a range of aerial photography (AP) datasets available  to view and download via the platform from various suppliers.  More detailed descriptions for these datasets can be found under the Data User Guides:

  • GetMapping:  25cm resolution for GB
  • BlueSky and Airbus:  Pre-baseline, baseline and updates for England and Wales
  • Environment Agency:  Incident response vertical and oblique AP (also known as coastal AP)

Further information for AP data:

  • Licences – GetMapping, BlueSky and Airbus datasets are available under the GetMappping, BlueSky and Airbus licences while the Incident Response/Coastal AP is available under the Government’s OGL licence.
  • Coastal AP is formally named Incident Response AP and is captured during an incident.  Although most of these incidents occurred near the coast, there will be some inland responses.
  • Viewing of data – the GetMapping and BlueSky and Airbus data can be viewed via the website or OGC services, but the Incident Response datasets are only available for download.  Coverage layer provide an indication of where these datasets are available.
  • Years flown – the coverage layer provides more information on what year the AP data was acquired for the GetMapping, BlueSky and Airbus datasets.