Town Plan Historical Maps

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Product Description:

The Ordnance Survey’s Town Plan historical maps are the earliest large-scale mapping undertaken by the OS during the County Series era, and were published for all towns with a population of over 4,000 (at the time of the survey).  These maps are based on the War Office Cassini Grid projection, and were published in a range of scales varying from 1:1,056 – 1:500 depending on location and date.

A joint venture between the OS and Landmark has scanned the original paper mapsheets and converted into a digital product as a series of georeferenced raster images.  Check if these have also been reprojected into British National Grid and are available in OS tile extents or original Town Plan sheet extents?

Product Availability:

OS Town Plans historic map datasets available through the Jisc Geospatial Platform service are summarised below.

The datasets are available with the following options:

  • Epoch – the maps have been grouped into four temporal ‘epochs’ which approximately correspond to the series of revisions originally issued
  • Map scale – the most commonly available scale is 1:500, with some maps available at 1:528, 1:1,056, 1:2,640 and/or 1:5,280

Please note that the geographic coverage of each particular option varies depending upon the OS’s originally surveyed and published extent.


 Epoch  Approximate Version  Map Scale(s)  Publishing Year Range
 Epoch 1  Initial Survey  1:500, 1:528, 1:1,056, 1:2,640, 1:5,280  1843-1893
 Epoch 2  1st Revision  1:500, 1:528, 1:1,056  1891-1912
 Epoch 3  2nd Revision  1:500, 1:528, 1:1,056  1904-1939
 Epoch 4  3rd Revision  1:500, 1:528, 1:1,056  1919-1939


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Dataset Specification:

Product Name

Town Plan historical maps

Data Provider

Landmark (originally Ordnance Survey)


1:500, 1:528, 1:1,560


Great Britain (towns with a population over 4,000)

Data Structure





Historical mapping


Landmark Licence

Update Frequency

Not updated


Dataset Resources:

OS Historical Resources Site
Landmark Historical Maps Site
NLS Town Plans Site