Resources Page User Guide

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1- Introduction

2- Opening the Resources Page

3- Resource types available


B- Data Guides

C- User Guides

D- Case Studies

1 – Introduction

This User Guide provides an overview of the help and resources available on the Resources page.  The Resources page presents a collection of various information and guides related to both the use of the Geospatial Data service, and the data products available through the service.

The information in the resources page forms an archive of knowledge that can be consulted as a first line of assistance.  If your query is not answered after looking at the relevant parts of the content, you can contact the Geospatial Data’s helpdesk with your query.


2 – Opening the Resources Page

To access the Resources Page of the website, click on the ‘Resources’ button on the top menu banner:


Your browser will then open the Resources page:


You can return to the landing page of the website at any time by clicking on the ‘Geospatial data’ text in the far left of the top menu banner:

3 – Resource types available

The resources are structured into four types:


A FAQ’s The FAQ section presents a series of frequently asked questions, structured into topics
B Data Guides The Data Guides provide more detailed information about all the data products available through the service
C User Guides The User Guides provide descriptions of how the website and service functions
D Case Studies The Case Studies provide examples of how users have been interacting with the service


If you cannot find the answer to your query amongst the information available within the Resources section of the website, then please contact the Helpdesk.