Projects Menu User Guide

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1 – Introduction

2 – Accessing the Projects Menu

3 – Creating a Project

3.1 – Saving a project

3.2 – Deleting a project

4 – Sharing a Project

4.1 – Share your project with other users

4.2 – Disable project sharing

4.3 – Import a project

4.4 – Save an imported project

1 – Introduction

A project is defined as a map view with preconfigured data layers and symbologies. This User Guide provides instructions on how you can use the map viewer’s Projects Menu to create, edit, delete, and share projects with other geospatial data users.

The Project menu offers functionality to:

  • Create and save projects containing your required layers and any annotations or labels
  • Share your project with others so they can view the active layers and annotations you have in your map view
  • Import projects created by other users to see exactly what they see

2 – Accessing the Projects Menu

To open the Projects Menu, you must first be viewing the Map Page of the geospatial data website. If you are currently viewing a different page of the website, click on the ‘Map’ icon in the top menu banner to view the Map Page:

Within the map viewer, click the hamburger menu to open up the left hand menu, more details on using the hamburger menu can be found in the Hamburger Menu User Guide. Click the Projects tab, as shown below, to access the Projects menu.



3 – Creating a project

3.1 – Saving a Project

Compile the required data layers in your area of interest, and draw any necessary annotations or labels on the map. Once you are happy with the content in the map viewer, you can proceed to create a project.

To create a project, click the button with the plus sign. This will create a new project from the current map view, saving all the active layers with their selected opacity and visibility, also any annotations and labels. Enter a project name and project description, then click the tick to save.

A pop up will be shown confirming that the project has been saved successfully. Your project will now be shown in the projects panel.

3.2 – Deleting a Project

To delete a project, simply click the bin symbol next to the project you want to delete.

4 – Sharing a Project

4.1 – Share your project with other users

Once you have a saved project that you would like to share with other users of the geospatial data service, click the share icon which will give you a unique id code.


You need to copy the entire code and send it to the person or people you would like to view your project. To view your project, all the user needs to do is paste the unique code into their Projects menu. For more information on how to view a shared project, please see section 4.3.

4.2 – Disable Project Sharing

If you decide you no longer wish to share a project, all you need to do is click the X next to the selected project. A pop up confirming that project sharing on the selected project is now disabled, and those with the projects sharing code will no longer be able to view the project.

4.3 – Import a Project

If you have received a unique id code from a geospatial data service user, you may import their project into your account. To do this, navigate to the Projects menu, as shown in section 2, and click on the Import Shared Projects icon.

Paste the unique id code into the Project Id box as shown below and click the import shared project button.

A pop up confirming that the project was successfully imported will appear and the map viewer will zoom to the extent of the imported project.

You will now be able to view the layers*, annotations and labels that are contained in the shared project in your own map viewer. Whilst viewing an imported project, you will be able to edit the map view however, any changes made will not be saved to the project. If you wish to edit the project, you may save the imported project as one of your own, please see section 4.4 for instructions on how to do this.

*Please note – If you are not subscribed to the data collection(s) that are shown in the shared project, you will not be able to view those layers. You will only have visibility of the layers to which you have permission.

4.4 – Save an imported project

You may wish to save an imported project as your own project to allow you to edit and save changes. To do this, simply click the Create new project from current view button. You need to then enter a Project Name and Project Description, click the tick and then the project is saved to your account.