OS Terrain 5

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Dataset Description:

OS Terrain 5 is a detailed, 1:10,000 scale DTM, supplied in 5km x 5km tiles, with a typical accuracy level greater than 2m RMSE.

The dataset is provided in two formats:

  • Vector contour lines (5m intervals)
  • Raster DTM grid (post spacing of 5m)


Dataset Thumbnail:


Dataset Specification:

Product Name

OS Terrain 5

Data Provider

Ordnance Survey




Great Britain (complete)

Data Structure

  • Vector: Vector (points, polylines)
  • Raster: DTM grid


  • Vector: Esri Shapefile, Esri File GeoDatabase, MapInfo TAB, MID/MIF, Autodesk DWG, OGC KML, OGC GML, CSV (attribute data only)
  • Raster: ASCII Grid


3D visualisations, wind turbine and mobile phone mast sighting, flood risk assessment, soil erosion, hiking


Academic Licence

Update Frequency

Quarterly (January, April, July, October)


Dataset Resources:

Product site
Support site
User Guide & Technical Specification (pdf)