Marine Themes Vector

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Dataset Description:

Marine Themes Vector is OceanWise’s flagship data product and provides a vector marine map consisting of a range of important marine features required for purposes such as general situational awareness, planning, site selection and outline engineering design.  The data has been derived from a range of authoritative material including the UK Hydrographic Office (and equivalents from other countries where available), amongst other sources.

Each feature uses the largest scale of data available, derived from either the production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC’s) or from the original source.  Where data has been digitised from marine charts, the boundaries have been dissolved/removed to create a seamless digital vector dataset.  The product has a global coverage and is supplied in WGS84 degree coordinates.  The data is structured across 8 layers and 20 attributes, and supplied with symbology files.

The product is structured into the following series of themed layers, which are each in turn comprised of a series of features:




The Earth’s surface divided into multiple subtidal, intertidal and land areas, contours and spot soundings.  Includes bathymetry and multiple shorelines categorised by tidal level and type.

Shipwrecks and Obstructions

Sunken ships and other disused man-made objects. Includes objects being re-used for another purpose and those of historical interest.


Transport networks and related infrastructure. Includes aids to navigation.

Industrial Facilities

Production, industrial, aquaculture and research facilities.  Includes hydrocarbon and renewable energy infrastructure, submarine cables and equipment for environmental monitoring.

Administrative & Management Units

Areas of administration, governance and management at international, national, regional and local levels.  Includes national boundaries, dumping sites, safety and prohibition zones and regulated fairways.

Geographical Regions

Names of subtidal and intertidal areas, and other geographical or topographical features of public or historical interest.


Geological units including bedrock features and sea bed sediments.

Tides & Tidal Currents

Tide related features including stations and streams.


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Dataset Specification:

Product Name

 Marine Themes Vector

Data Provider



Variable (1:2,500 – 1:500,000)


Global (complete)

Data Structure

Vector (points, lines, and polygons)




Offshore mapping


OceanWise Licence

Update Frequency

Every 3 months


Dataset Resources:

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