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Dataset Description:

DigSBS250 provides offshore geological maps of sea-bed sediments at 1:250,000 scale, covering the UK coastline and adjacent European waters, in UTM projection.

The sea-bed sediments theme is only mapped offshore (so is not present within any other DiGMapGB datasets), where it commonly forms a veneer on the sea bed.  The data is based on sea-bed grab samples to a depth of 0.1m, combined with cores and dredge samples as available.  A standard Folk triangle classification has been used based on the gravel percentage and the sand to mud ratio.


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Dataset Specification:

Product Name

Marine sediments 250k | DigSBS250

Data Provider

British Geological Survey (BGS)




UK and adjacent European waters

Data Structure

Vector (lines and polygons)


Esri Shapefile, Esri File GeoDatabase, MapInfo TAB, MID/MIF, Autodesk DWG, OGC KML, OGC GML, CSV (attribute data only)


Offshore sea-bed sediments

BGS Themese

Sea-bed sediments


BGS Licence

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